Infographics help to share complex information and data in a way that is easier to digest and understand, helping you and your customer making more reliable decisions. They explain difficult subjects in an eye catching, exciting way, getting people involved on matters that are often perceived as cold and dull facts .

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Infographics Why?

you will remember of 10% of written content

in average you will
remember 10%
of what you read

70% of your sensory receptors are visuals

70% of all your
are in your eyes

90% of information are visual

90% of
trasmitted to the brain is

because we are

visually wired


publisher using infographics grow traffic 12% more

publishers who use
infographics grow in
12% more
than those who won’t

images on Facebook are 200% liked more than text

images are
200% more
liked over text, on

Infographic search on Google

in 2 years infographics search on Google have grown by 800%

in just over 2 years
search volumes
have increased by over

Infographics help to share complex content in a more clear and exciting way.
Also, infographics support people on taking more reliable decisions.