Docenti Digitali | Branding

The whole project included designing their first branding, infographics and a new responsive website that not only describes their services, but also acts as a space for offering resources to secondary school teachers and students.

Client work

Docenti Digitali is the e-learning leading company in Italian Primary, Middle and Secondary school.

We have been in contact for realising a complex project, that included Branding, Infographics and Responsive Website.

As part of the revitalisation, we designed a brand identity that captures the spirit of the dynamic services they offer and connects with the tradition of teaching.

A simple horizontal line reminds of underlining and correction in school.

You can explore Docenti Digitali, the Website

Docenti Digitali, Branding, horizontal lines

Horizontal lines are then used throughout the graphics to reinforce the brand itself.

Docenti Digitali, corsi attivi

Docenti Digitali risorse

A limited yet strong palette of colours is used to differentiate the areas and give the brand a playful feeling.

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