Docenti Digitali I Infographics

The whole project included designing their first branding, infographics to explain the process and facilitate the understanding of the benefit. It was also comprehensive of a new responsive website for describing their services, but also a space for offering resources to secondary school teachers and students.

Client work

Above you can find the infographic that explains how services are provided and the structure behind Docenti Digitali itself.

Docenti Digitali is the e-learning leading company in Italian Primary, Middle and Secondary school.

We have been in contact for realising a complex project, that included Branding, Infographics and Responsive Website.

As part of the revitalisation, we have been asked to re-organise the included information that were mainly text based.

We decided to designe a series of infographics to explain how the service works and their European structure and validation.

You can explore Docenti Digitali, the Website

Behind this series of infographics there is a long work of analysis and syntesis to encapsulate the stages of the services and their benefits.

Geo-map displays the overwhelming coverage of their services in Italy.

Colourful icons immediately show they variety of products in a playful way.

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